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Reflecting on the Cuny cPAR Institute

I had the opportunity to attend the critical Participatory Action Research (PAR) Institute at CUNY Graduate Center this past week. It was a fantastic workshop, and I met a lot of great teachers, community organizers, and researchers who are heavily involved in PAR work throughout the USA (and even one in Canada). The Institute did … Continue reading

Fighting a Technological Dystopia in Student Participatory Action

Reading John’s post about ISTE catalyzed me to think a bit about the convergence of several of the projects I have been working on.  I’m attending the July cPAR Institute in NYC focused on Student Participatory Action Research (altering social studies curriculum and pedagogy to focus on building empowered citizens ready to participate in a … Continue reading

The Lack of a Revolt Against NCLB

Hi all, I’ve been thinking about methods of resistance to the negative effects of NCLB and have wondered why, in the age of anti-incumbancy and conservative state rejection of federal stimulus money, why we haven’t had some innovative social configurations providing a calculated, rational, evaluative revolt against NCLB. By my understanding of the law, it … Continue reading

What Factors Influence Educational Systems?

Hi everyone! I’m assisting in a class on Systems Thinking and Decision-Making this semester and am putting together a simulation of educational systems for a little praxis in addition to the raw theoretical base of the class.  Each student will be part of a small group representing a school system (public school, parochial school, standards-based … Continue reading

Alternative Educational Models in the Wild

Hi all.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the the model that Illich puts forth in “Deschooling Society” and wanted to open a discussion about technology-facilitated, student self-directed education.  Skip on down to The Thoughts if you’ve read “Deschooling” or want to skip my summary of his proposed school replacement. The Summary Illich advocates throwing … Continue reading

To What Extent, How Much, and of Which Kinds?

Hi all, I’m looking to take a step back and get your opinions on the very aim of schooling. Most of this is taken from an article I prepared and showed to other Coop’ers; they suggested it would make for a reasonable post, and so here I am. I’ll first bring up a couple of … Continue reading

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