Ba Luvmour

Accomplished in self knowledge and all matters pertaining to children, families, and education.Creator of Natural Learning Relationships.
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The Spiritual Opportunities Intrinsic in Teaching

Introduction Spirituality is intimately tied to relationship. Many spiritual leaders have realized this intimacy. Those who attempted to bring their insights to education are explicit about this relationship. Here are a couple of quotes just to make the point; many more available upon request. How important is relationship? It is nothing less than the way … Continue reading

My Vision of Education

My Vision of Education Meaningful education has its basis in psychology. What children learn has little meaning without connection to how they learn. We begin with a brief comment on how education has used and misused psychology. The Tyranny of Normal Normal. Its history in education and psychology chronicles the predilections of the dominant aspects … Continue reading

What is Conscious Community in the Field of Education (and Parenting)?

Community is created by individuals who share common values. Conscious community means that the well-being of the consciousness of all constituents is the highest priority. Implied is that nourishing consciousness leads to the best possible outcomes of all community members. What do most educators know about a child’s consciousness? Given my 30 years of engagement … Continue reading

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