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redefine public ed

  our recent post on interdependence has gone live on DMLCentral. in it we encourage a redefinition of public ed. click here to view the post:  

instigator collective

InstigatorCollective above link on facebook this link online we are mischief makers. provokers of the no status quo. dedicated to wild ideas & taking yet unripe projects forward. yes, occasionally offending. you? Description you. just can’t sit back & wait for someone else to make it happen. mischief makers. provokers of the no status quo. … Continue reading


Grazie Umair – perfect timing.. was hoping for a succinct invite/summary of your book – betterness [$2.69 on kindle, kindle app free] – and here it is – in your July 4 post on being radical. What I’m experiencing, is these incredible one-on-one convos with people.. and in essence, what they all keep asking is.. is it legal for me to think … Continue reading

a quiet revolution …unfolds

all five videos

start with why

if we want something that matters but that also lasts… if we want something that needs no incentive… where there is no need to prove… if we want betterness vs busyness… breathtaking vs mediocre… brilliant vs status quo… let’s start with why, no?  


A little refocus here thanks to Simon Sinek. He’s influenced us greatly, referenced esp in chapter one of our little book draft. Start With Why.

what gap?

Full disclosure: am certainly practicing useful ignorance here. [I keep reading full disclosure in people’s posts/comments/etc. Was wondering what it felt like to be a part of something that you felt you had to state a full disclosure. Maybe that’s the point. Full disclosure. So much that we don’t have to state anything. Or maybe … Continue reading

communities of practice via the lovely @onepercentyellow Imagine if all we focused on in public ed was facilitating people toward their people. [seeing ed as a conduit to communities of practice. getting kids (teachers/parents/people) into those spaces they are dreaming about. then learning is contextual. what would they do, where would they be if nothing was compulsory.. … Continue reading


We’re heading to NY, NY, day after tomorrow. We’re going to the Contact conference.  They are looking for the most innovative ideas for social change. Imagine changing up the 7 hours a day we call school. For 12+ years. Along with the mindset that follows that for years to come. We think changing ed would … Continue reading

definitely normal?

My daughter asks Google to define success via her cell phone. Twenty seconds and her phone spits out the following: Perhaps we could take heed. Are we keeping from things that matter because we’re afraid to allow for no definites? Can we just acknowledge success is subjective? There is no standard, no normal. Nothing is … Continue reading


Bravo – and spot on to Seymour and Alan.. In my ignorance, flavored with kids’ insight and experiences… and my love for mathematics.. i think aloud – boldly… Is not mathland life? We live in mathland. Is that not why we deem PISA so heavily.. our instincts tell us how mathematics is a universal language? … Continue reading

spaces of permission

Kids have connections down. Many of us just don’t see it as legit. Many of them don’t see it as legit. Connections are legit. How kids connect and collaborate is huge to social change. Adults still hold the keys to dreaming. Whether it’s a pause, a look, a refocus,.. we communicate an assumed agenda. Perhaps, … Continue reading

how do you reflect about this…

i’ve been reading the reflections. thinking about commenting. i’ve been thinking about my reflection. how do you? where do you start? i could never stop. maybe it was just a perfect moment in time for me to become a part of this community. maybe you’re not all that. maybe you’re not all i’m imagining, .. … Continue reading

non-linearity: a new game

About a year ago, I posted that we should grab our x-d glasses and take notice of what the web has to offer us. This well announced paradigm shift in education is no fad. This is a monumental change. So how can we use the web for good? How can we start using tech in … Continue reading


So much talk. So little time. Such important business. We can. We shall. An overdo revisit of the brilliantly graceful Bill Strickland. If you want to make a difference in the lives of people most have given up on.. you have to look like the solution more than the problem. An email from a friend … Continue reading

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