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connect ed

A lot went on in my head last week. Hold tight. Or Ignore the following and just take a look at what resulted from it: connect ed . First: My friend Chad started a great conversation here. I believe he is especially spot on when he says: but our kids need an ocean of information … Continue reading


Jim and I got to hear Anya Kamenetz share her expertise with a group of parents at Colorado Academy. (full rough notes here) Three things she said that I’d like to pass on.

imagine and play

John Seely Brown and Doug Thomas recently released a new book, A New Culture of Learning. I heard about it from John Hagel (who co-authored The Power of Pull with Brown). Hagel’s review is a super read. Yeah, you should maybe read it. It encouraged me to start working on this: Then my friend Adam, … Continue reading


In my mind, this is fitting to follow Zoe’s post on idealism. I’ve been struggling with our perceived and practiced project based learning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super. It’s way better than what we’ve been doing. But is it enough. Are kids owning the learning, or are they owning a given/suggested learning. And in … Continue reading


I’m convinced more than anything else, choice is the ultimate empowerment. Authentic change will only happen when it’s an individual experience per choice. I believe that often our assumptions about human nature, what success is, and how viable current practices are, keep us from living. Assumptions are a choice. We make them daily by our … Continue reading

be. bold.

I read Roger Martin‘s Design of Business about 2 years ago. What his words spoke to me then, in large part, has been the backbone of the boldness that has gotten us to where we are today in the Lab. On taking note of what plenty of my conversations are about these days, I feel … Continue reading

digital equity

What we talk about and do and share daily, isn’t something that everyone has access to. Learning anything you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want is a game only about 1/4 of the world is playing. If we want change to happen, we need to focus on a fair game. Kosta Grammatis just … Continue reading

document… reflect… share

I think this is how to get better at what you (any you) do.. how to live on the edge.. in knowledge flow vs knowledge stock . Document, reflect and share. . @ChrisBrogan does it: see chores I spend 50% of my time connecting with people, by commenting on their blogs, by replying to their … Continue reading


@rogerschank + vicki abeles + lab meetings One person can’t. A tribe can. Together we are more. interesting race to nowhere stats: those who do better have dinner convos. + mtgs with lab parents… where kids get some of best connections. but even at dinner those (connections needed for school) don’t always come up. + … Continue reading

paradigm shift via math

how cool is this guys.. watch Conrad’s incredible Ted – my crib notes below..   problem with math – no one is really happy… using computers is the silver bullet for making math work in the real world – math isn’t done by mathematicians.. why teach math? 1) technical jobs 2) everyday living – skeptical … Continue reading


i wish i was here more. every time i come – i renew. and the more connections i make… the more i realize i can’t adequately thank anyone. Alec Couros tweeted this quote not too long ago. that’s exactly how i feel. “I am part of all that I have met” ~Tennyson — then Seth … Continue reading

we need help

hey guys..we need your expertise/wisdom/insight… please. and thank you kindly. 1. what we’re seeking specifically is a  list of or info on uni’s that currently accept alternative means for admission, ie: eportfolios, etc. 2. and then i guess too, is #1 even a good question. what’s going through our minds just now: many people are … Continue reading

just saying…

curiosity is a natural and beautiful phenomena. when generously facilitated, learning how to learn becomes the most basic, the most simple, and the most vital of all skills. unfortunately, in public ed, as we have sought knowledge during an age where that suited us, we find ourselves bound by the very system that we ourselves … Continue reading


aup’s What are you using for AUP’s (accepted use policies)? .a wondering… What if AUP’s didn’t exist, or at least they were universal.. meaning for everything? What if we could say (for everything -not just tech – or dress code – or etc…) or perhaps, using the words of @willrich45 {kids exchanged Will’s be effective … Continue reading

be you.

just read this post by @mrwejr he is spot on. . i spent the morning in a fret. dear friends stewing over time/prep for new year of school. dear students stewing over time/anxiety for new year of school. . i truly believe that in order to be indispensable today – kids/adults need one thing.. they … Continue reading

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