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experimenting with the intersection of city and school.
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what about grades

as posted on the faq on be you. what about grades We hope this clears up some assumptions about grades…. . . Above is James Bach‘s highschool transcript. (Read more in his book Buccaneer-Scholar.) Here’s how his book reads on the pages describing his grades (This is a lot  – James gave me permission to pirate … Continue reading

our reform story

This is my draft for what I plan to share on aug 1 at the reform symposium – as an intro to this. Like in the classroom we feel you should get a pre-search. (help me purge that first link guys.. 3 min tops) I just attended an elluminate session where Jo Hart was so … Continue reading

help please

hey guys. not really a post, but a plea for critique… the last 2 days we’ve been throwing a ton of stuff in here. giving ourselves another week to purge and add and fine tune… then we’d like to start sharing it. craving your insight…

digital equity

A project some of us are working on. It’s ridiculous… so I must share it with you. You are the people.. that encourage the ridiculous, the impossible, … the things that matter. Please join us if you like. See specific needs near the end. Perhaps one fits your passion. Perhaps your passion is something we’ve … Continue reading

harvesting expert tutors

I think most people (if they had this amazing text 2.0 tool for conversation even) that could wrap their head around the idea of a personal learning network per passion – would sell out to it. Yes – even public school – even the politicians. {stay with me – don’t go off on some tangent … Continue reading

a new standard – redefine school

It used to be that content was fixed and process was variable. Today – with unlimited amounts of info.. content is variable Standardized tests on content are no longer viable. and.. process is fixed The web allows for personalization, which provides the optimal learning space, making personal learning networks a viable standard for public education. … Continue reading

Fixing the Process

Would love any insight on this very beta tool to develop/facilitate/validate what we believe to be the new standard – a fixed process (personal learning networks per passion) vs fixed content. Specifically within the tool, this summer we are working on 1) a sophisticated way to find/refine/detect a student’s (or teacher’s) passion 2) a sophisticated … Continue reading

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