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Grassroots Innovation, Support The Disruption Department in St. Louis

St. Louis is becoming an increasingly awesome place to be.  We’ve experienced 13% growth in the IT sector over the past year and have a median salary for IT employees of 71K.  In 17 months over 50 companies have moved into an old office building downtown, creating a veritable “tech city” in an area needing … Continue reading


Disrupty in 2024! from The Disruption Department on Vimeo. Billions of dollars and many more words have been spent discussing who will lead the U.S. for the next four years. But we’re invested in something more important: how we’re going to prepare our next generation of leaders. Will we do it by making industrial schools better and more efficient? … Continue reading

Those who can’t…start

Cross posted from the Disruption Department Blog So I’ve been thinking a lot recently about startups that are popping up in the education ecosystem.  And my thoughts have scared the heck out of me. Obviously, I should intellectually support the appearance of smart/talented people willing to solve problems that teachers, students, schools and districts face. … Continue reading

The Disruption Department Sub-Reddit

As a means of sharing more ideas, we’ve created a sub-reddit. We hope this is a place you’ll go to share innovative ideas in community education, independent learning, creativity, design, technology, start-ups, etc. We also hope this will become a place you’ll frequent to find ideas in those categories. You can also submit a link to … Continue reading

Legislating Obstacles

This is cross posted from the Disruption Department blog.  On Saturday, I came across a story on the Verge reporting that the South Carolina general assembly has passed a bill blocking the ability for municipalities to create their own wi-fi networks.  You can read the entire bill here. To even see the perspective of the South Carolina assembly … Continue reading

Air.u and whitespace wifi

(cross-posted from the Disruption Department Blog) From the yesterday I ran across a story about the Air.U coalition using whitespace on the wireless spectrum to cross large distances between wifi nodes.  I find this really exciting. While the group is working first with universities, I’m looking forward to the work they might be able … Continue reading

#iste12 feet on the ground

So @profadesmet and I are at #iste12 in San Diego. We’re checking out the blogger’s cafe now and meeting some people to get our feet on the ground. I’m really looking forward to meeting people interested in community/urban education and also folks who work on digital equity/community broadband. If I’ve ever talked to you online, … Continue reading

Valve Handbook Analysis Day 2 (title page – viii)

So if you missed me introducing this topic, we’re going through and discussing the Valve Employee handbook to imagine more human spaces to work and to play. We’d like to then apply the outcomes of our conversations to the development of employee culture at the Disruption Department. The handbook itself opens with the title page, … Continue reading

Developers working with schools

This is cross-posted from the Disruption Department Blog. Just a few moments ago an article came across my twitter feed via New App Bridges Communication Gap Between Devs and Small Biz – — Pete Cashmore (@mashable) June 13, 2012 It piqued my interested because it highlights a problem both schools and small businesses … Continue reading

Steam Handbook Discussion (Day 1)

This is cross-posted from The Disruption Department Blog.   I don’t know how many of you have had the chance to read the recently-leaked new employee handbook by video game, film, and platform company Steam.  It is revelatory to a culture that empowers talented people to work on what they are passionate about, and to form … Continue reading


This is cross-posted from the Disruption Department blog, and while St. Louis focused, I believe the coop can provide some insight into some problems I’m struggling with. It’s interesting to think of community education in light of the issues brought forward by a recent @jessicabock article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I’ve often struggled with the most appropriate … Continue reading


This is cross-posted from my personal blog, I’d love to catch up with folks I haven’t spoken with in awhile, or meet people I’ve yet to see in person. I’m planning to spend most of my time walking around and meeting with people in person. This year I’m coming from sort of a different … Continue reading

Metrics and “success”

This is cross-posted from the Disruption Department Blog. I love information and relationships. I love numbers and how they help me make better decisions. But a sneer comes to my lips each time I say the word “data”. It’s either because: I’m not very smart. I’m a communist. I reject cliche’s out of hand. The … Continue reading

More Inspiration, this time at home.

This is cross-posted from The Disruption Department Blog, an organization in St. Louis that is creating a platform for community learning. *********************** I posted the other day about the inspiration I found from some forward thinking teens convening next week around start-ups and entrepreneurship. Today I want to share a story of a very very … Continue reading

#bloggermarch Video Postcards in Solidarity

Last night the fine folks at edtechtalk invited some coopsters to have a livestreamed google+ hangout on the network.  It was a wonderful experience, allowing many of us to interact in a real-life way for the first time. One of the things that came from the conversation and the backchannel was the idea of sending … Continue reading

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