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Community Planning, Curricular Design

This post is being cross-posted from the Disruption Department Blog as a continuing exercise of pushing the boundaries of learning in the city of St. Louis.  Any comments are much appreciated! A few conversations I had yesterday on the twitter led me to think about what role the Disruption Department could have in facilitating/mediating community conversations about what/where/why/when students … Continue reading

Android and Antibodies

This is cross-posted from the Disruption Department Blog, an organization in St. Louis seeking to build a platform that fines inspiration in many of the fine ideas my fellow coopsters are thinking about. I had a great chat with my good friend and tip-top AP chemistry teacher in St. Louis, Andrew Goodin (@desertdiver).  He’s the … Continue reading

Letter to a Ponderer

My cousin messaged me the other day asking to help her think about what to do after college.  She asked about art, teaching, and grad school.  After I wrote it, I realized there was a little bit of every influential teacher I’d ever had in it. I was lucky enough to have the sort of … Continue reading

cross-post: “network error 80710a06”

I cross post this from my action blog and representation for a new St. Louis community non-profit called “The Disruption Department”.  It is relevant to our discussions around these here parts.  I also seek the thought-support of my fellow coopter@s.  If you could comment over on any of the posts that strike your interest over … Continue reading

The Disruption Department

Although I haven’t participated as much as I’d have liked to around here, I have been deeply inspired by the conversation. That is why I’ve decided to share this idea I’m starting in St. Louis.  It is effectively a real world application of the education I’ve found on this blog and on twitter.  We’re going … Continue reading

This I believe

So at the end of the year, it’s easy to look backward.  But I’m peached to look forward. For the first time in a while I feel a burst of creative energy that I can share with my esteemed colleagues at coop catalyst.  Here’s my reflection, but also my nod to next semester, on why … Continue reading

It ain’t none of your business

I cross-posted this from my personal blog,  Thought it could be of some use here. Many people have drawn allusions between business operation and education reform.  “Schools should run like businesses” These people say.  “Businesses work.  They maximize profit and treat employees with a greater professional respect.  Why not try to emulate this model … Continue reading

Reform Your Perceptions of Geography and “Salvation”

When I shared that I was having trouble thinking about something to write for today’s National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform, a friend of mine named Monika Hardy told me the topic should be something I care deeply about: my students at in inner city school in St. Louis. That led me to … Continue reading

Tragedy and Farce: Three Questions on Who Has the Right to Speak for Learning

Image via flickr from takomabibelot.  Creative Commons 2.0 I began reading Slavoj Zizek’s First as Tragedy, Then as Farce today.  The book centers around the left’s need to reinvent itself, or in his words “the time for liberal, moralistic blackmail is over”. The first pages of the work provide some food for thought in our … Continue reading

Support is a rhizome, not a root

In edtech and learning stewardship circles (thinking of conversations with the #edopenmic last week and with @johntspencer specifically), the idea of parental involvement seems to have come up often recently. I noticed it but really didn’t understand it until last year.  The complexity of the support networks many students in low-income communities have (and I’m assuming in … Continue reading

“Well that’s the reason son”

Typically, they tell you not to glean philosophical insight from 1970s Burt Reynolds movies. But there it is, The Bandit’s answer to the defeatist statement: “…But they say it can’t be done”. I think that’s what drives me to teach where I do.  Maybe no one is explicitly saying “it” can’t be done, but the … Continue reading

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