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Facebooking with students

via Lost In Recursion I know it makes a lot of teachers nervous/sick-to-the-stomach, but I absolutely LOVE communicating with students through Facebook.  Yes, I Facebook with students.  In fact, I accept every request they send my way, because it is an incredible way to take seriously what I believe about relationships and learning. I bring … Continue reading

Don’t be Times Square. Be the Flatiron Building.

via Lost In Recursion A surreal teaching video recently put into focus just how artificial class can be, and in particular how inauthentically the role of teacher is often played.  I want my students to see me as human, deserving of their respect.  I don’t want my authority in the classroom to arise from the power of … Continue reading

The perfect marriage/school

via Lost In Recursion I’ve been married a little over two years, so surely there are more experienced spouses in the world, but as I made the bed this morning, I had a nice little thought.  My marriage works, but probably not for everyone.  Shows you how nuts I am, but this somehow got me … Continue reading

Letting students be dead wrong

via Lost In Recursion My wife works at Penguin Group, where naturally they have an incredible “take pile” of books they publish. That’s where I found Number: The Language of Science, a fascinating and completely accessible history of the human traditions that give us today’s number systems. Apart from the amazing stuff about numbers, my favorite … Continue reading

Let’s make school Facebook worthy

via Lost In Recursion. Last year my favorite course was my hardest to teach. I felt very strongly about the material, thinking almost constantly about it and how we could spend our time experiencing it. And yet, most days I felt class was stale and that the students felt and thought little during the experience. … Continue reading

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