Will Deyamport, III, MSEd is a social media strategist and frustrated filmmaker. A former intern at, he is now the Chief Social Strategist for StrengthsFactors – a career development resource company. Will has a B.A. Film Production, a B.S. in Child and Family Studies and an MSEd in Professional Studies in Education. He is also the founder of PEOPLEGOGY – a blog focusing on life and career developments, and he is currently working on an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Management from Capella University
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What I Do

From what I have gathered, most of the educators here are in K-12. The others are tech people or consultants who work with K-12 schools. I am neither. I started my career in youth development, leading after-school and summer programs. Now, I am a family life educator who specializes in digital and social media. What … Continue reading


Family Life Education in Public Schools

To begin, I would like to submit that teaching and discussing human development from a relational, a biological, a psychological, a physiological, as well as from a social and cultural perspective does not encroach on the moral rights of parents. As long as the instruction is academically-based and rooted in the latest research from scholarly … Continue reading

What Schools can learn from Successful Sports Teams

Successful sports teams have an identity, a vision, and a culture of learning and being that permeates throughout the entire organization. The Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, is the most success team in NFL history. They are a common man’s team with community values. The ownership believes in loyalty (up to a financial point), “blue collar” … Continue reading

The Secret Lives of Teachers

We are human just like everyone else.  We shop.  We go out. We have friends.  We drink. And, yes, we have sex.  I am writing this blog because parents and schools don’t want us to have the same kinds of lives everyone else is entitled to. This is evident by the number of teachers being … Continue reading

The great LIE

Have you ever told your child, a friend, your student, or anyone that they could be whatever they wanted to be? If you have, then you are guilty of spreading one of the greatest lies ever told. Not that I am advocating you killing someone’s dream, but the reality is that no amount of hard … Continue reading

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