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A list of incredible humans who know what real education looks like

Late last week, I was in a conversation with Sheryl Petty where she graciously encouraged me to look at just how much IDEA and my own thinking is impacted by other humans who have put their ideas and love into words. In support of #blog4idec and today’s theme of “Human”, I thought I’d try to … Continue reading


Time to get off our knees and do more than just march

Jonathan Kozol was spot on. It is time for educators, parents, and young people to reclaim the “public” in public education and get off our knees. I’ve been enjoying reading his and teachers diaries about why they’ll march to Save Our Schools on July 30th in DC. I’ll be there too. But I’m not going … Continue reading

As much to myself as to you

I’ve spent much of the last five days making sense of the two days I spent in DC last week and the last six months of my work with IDEA. In two days of meetings, I met with the staff of three congressman, two senators, two folks in the Department of Education, the adviser to … Continue reading

The kind of mayoral engagement I think we can celebrate

Imagine a small city of 200,000 people whose mayor has earned the trust, partnership, and respect of its educators (both public and private), business leaders, youth, and parents. A mayor whose calendar reflects a real commitment to an honest conversation about ways the entire city can become a school – in the best use of … Continue reading

October 7th

Today at IDEA, I posted this and would love your comments: Today is the National Day of Action for Education Transformation and Justice.  Thousands of teachers, youth, and activists around the country will be doing something today to say, “enough already” and call for a deeper and more nuanced conversation about the purposes and practices … Continue reading

Catalyze on!

I’m excited.  I’m excited to be writing here to all of you.  I’m excited about IDEA and its work.  I’m really excited about everything that is happening in the world around us. Sure, there is lots of messed up stuff happening.  In fact it’s worth taking a moment to pause a few breaths and let … Continue reading

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