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After working for over 30 years in Ontario's public education system, I continue to work passionately throughout Canada, still very committed to the idea of effective, powerful learning experiences for all participants. A musician, technology-watcher, father, husband, I find life in the world of education, even when the conversations get a little contentious. If I were to be doing anything else right now, it would be hosting my own syndicated radio program on--you guessed it--education. I blog in a few spots. My personal blog can be found at I can also be found hanging around and, most recently, I can be found on twitter as @stephen_hurley
Stephen Hurley has written 27 posts for Cooperative Catalyst

Images of Reform: If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

This is the second of three reflections written after reading the recently released McKinsey report, How the World’s Most Improved School Systems Keep Getting Better. The first of these reflections can be found on my personal blogsite, Teaching Out Loud, and the final excerpt will be posted on the Canadian Education Association website later this … Continue reading

Nurturing Wonder and Awe in our Schools: A Placeholder

I wanted to check-in and let you know that I’m still around and plan on posting again in the next couple of days. Although I’ve been devoting most of my energy to a few of the other projects in which I’m involved (!), I wanted to let you know that I miss the unique energy … Continue reading

Community-based Schools–Really!

I need to keep my finger on a couple of the conversations going on in other posts here. To me, we’re getting at some of the important philosophical foundations of what it means to be in school. But I woke up this morning thinking about an issue that I tackled last week around mental health … Continue reading

Pondering The Values That We Bring To The Classroom

I just posted the following on my personal blogspace, Teaching Out Loud, but thought I might get some different feedback here. This is all leading me to some bigger questions in my own practice around the values that I bring into my teaching everyday. I’m in a bit of a quandry. As part of the … Continue reading

The Adjacent Possible Part Two: Applying the Concept

I wrote yesterday about the concept of the Adjacent Possible, featured in Steven Johnson’s new book, “Where Good Ideas Come From”. I’ve thought for the past 24 hours about how I may have encountered the effect of this idea in my own attempts to move innovative ideas through our local school district. A few years … Continue reading

The Adjacent Possible and School Transformation

As I was driving through town today, I heard the beginning of an interview with Steven Johnson, author of the newly-released book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. I would have heard the entire interview if I hadn’t pulled into my local bookstore and snapped up the last copy! I’ve been … Continue reading

Action Steps for 2011: Teaching Out Loud

I love to think in broad, idealistic (sometimes naively optimistic) terms and so the call to identify specific action steps for 2011 is a good exercise for me! I have sat back with more than a certain degree voyeuristic envy over the past few months as the energy, passion and vitriolic spittle has been flying … Continue reading

The Thick and Thin of School Life

I love the Celtic concept of thin places–those places in the world where the veil between this and another world is almost transparent. It’s a powerful experience that almost defies description. I’ve come to recognize thin moments in my life; those moments where I’m overtaken by a powerful sense of inspiring awe. At times, those … Continue reading

Re-Inventing The Learning Process: Really?

Not too long ago, filmmaker George Lucas tried to add a positive spirit to the storm of controversy resulting from the release of Waiting for Superman. In a guest blog entry on his own foundation’s Edutopia website, Lucas encouraged readers to consider what was right with public schools—an important shift of focus at a moment … Continue reading

City Slickers and School Transformation: Finding the One Thing

I was going through my video collection last night and came across one that I hadn’t thought about in a while. The movie City Slickers follows the adventures of a few friends who try to renew and re-purpose their lives by going on a cattle driving vacation. There’s a great scene in the film where … Continue reading

Levers for transformation

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the idea of levers–you know, those simple machines that allow you to raise a load with a certain degree of mechanical advantage. I attended a public forum on equity a few days ago, and one of the speakers posed the question, “What are the levers that will … Continue reading

Introduction from the Great White North–Well not white yet!

Greetings everyone, I happened upon your cooperative through a tweet that I followed, and was absolutely thrilled to find this site. As soon as I started reading some of the entries (I haven’t been through all of them yet), I knew that I needed to be a part of this conversation. My name is Stephen … Continue reading

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