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The reluctant pinball wizard

Background: I work at a progressive independent school in Seattle called Puget Sound Community School. We offer a full slate of classes that can help students earn credits towards a Washington State diploma, but we do not require students to take any academic classes. Some observers have a problem with this. * * * On … Continue reading

Pizazz and razzle-dazzle

I never liked attending in-service trainings as a classroom teacher. It felt like they all had the same message: “Here’s a clever way to trick your students into learning!” Sometimes it involved using rap music, one time it was about “anticipation” games—there’s always a new strategy that’s supposed to help teachers “connect” with students. And … Continue reading

You know how many years separated the Wright brothers from the Apollo 11 moon landing?

When I was in college, a friend of mine blew my mind when he said this: “You’re a basketball fan right? Check it out, I have a new program on my computer that can tell you what the score of any game is while the game is still going on.” This, of course, was impossible. … Continue reading

Community. Community. Community.

I got an email today from a friend who’s launching an after-school program to help young people dealing with racism and socioeconomic disadvantage. School isn’t set up for folks in that situation, and my friend wants to do something about it. The program involves getting together once a week to work on mathematics and literacy, … Continue reading

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