This website will be dedicated to the miscellany of living la vida English. The audience will be weblog companero: students, teachers, and fellow travellers down this road barely trampled. I will be adding occasional posts about where I am going, where you might be going, or wherever I please. The map ain't the damn territory. I am doing this because I know it makes me feel better about the trip if I have a notebook along with me. All the better to make it digital and public.
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Transform Not Reform

Trent Batson has scratched an itch I have had for years.  Ever since I started using computers and a browser in the classroom, I have felt something didn’t fit.  I was doing what I was supposed to be doing with technology even going beyond the call by becoming  an early adopter of social tools, new … Continue reading


Whilst Wandering Lonely as a Cloud and Filling Out a Survey to Win an iPad2…

After RSCON3 I noticed an inducement to fill out a survey.  I never win these things, but the questions being asked were quite good ones and allowed me to be a bit provocative in my response.  I mean, really, who was ever going to see this.  Besides, the drawing was already over.  As an intrinsic … Continue reading

“What Happened to Downtime?” or the Affordances of Woolgathering

What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space :: Articles :: The 99 Percent. According to Scott Belsky we should value the “creative pause”. These are moments of scheduled aloneness and a time to woolgather uninterrupted over big questions. Sacred niches where creative pauses can live are becoming extinct.  Who loses?  Our imaginations will pay … Continue reading

Poverty: Is there an app for that?

“Development is the gradual emergence of a problem-solving system.” via Poverty: Is there an app for that?. If you substitute “learning” for “development” , then you have one of the most profound and simple definitions for what it is that teachers must become–guides to the idiosyncratic and utterly customized problem solving system that is a … Continue reading

Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy: Educating for Wholeness, Social Justice and Liberation

  I hope this time of year year finds you saner and not worried about how much you are or are not getting done. ;-).  I ran across a quote in Laura Rendon’s book that struck me and woke me up.          "(W)e have created a culture where we evaluate not so much because we want … Continue reading

Mind – Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits –

A few highlights and notes in the category,  "Everything You Know is Wrong in Education".  (I use Diigo to gather notes and use articles as touchstones to thought.  If you think this is inappropriate for Coop Cat just let me know.) Mind – Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits – – Annotated   … Continue reading

“Next Practice” or “Curiosity Actually Saved the Cat”

I love finding useful, thought-provoking and oddly congruent ideas from other disciplines. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Wikibon lately and this post’s graph is a good example. I have always railed against the notion of a generalized ‘best practice’ because it is so contrary to complex and diverse systems like classrooms. You may have your … Continue reading

Get Outside Your Echo Chamber!

Kevin Kelly — KK* Lifestream “In the network economy, nine times out of ten, your fiercest competitor will not come from your own field. In turbulent times, when little is locked in, it is imperative to search as wide as possible for places where innovations erupt. Innovations increasingly intersect from other domains. A ceaseless blanket … Continue reading

Info Explosion

A new infographic at Wikibon is hard to take in especially regarding our students.  I find myself wondering how our existing institutional (read school) frameworks can adapt to this environment.  What filtering skills will we teach to manage this ‘weight’?  Will the system Balkanize out of necessity or will we begin to learn to discipline … Continue reading

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