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“Bad Teachers” and the (Manufactured) Education Crisis

Nancy Flanagan’s reflections on a particular school board’s actions (Notorious P.H.D.) prompted me to write this one. I categorized it under “Fiction” because it seems surreal. I am certain there have been, and are, “bad teachers” (just as there are “bad” doctors, lawyers, business persons, assembly line workers, etc.), but given the trend shown below would … Continue reading

The Problem With Being Superlative (A Post That’s Not Really About Education, I Guess)

A Note on the Context: This is a leftover that didn’t make it into Drawn Into Danger. It was a little too dramatic (and there are some serious stylistic flaws) and it simply didn’t fit. But for me, it captures the ethos of what it felt like for me when I was in middle school. … Continue reading

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