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literally redefine

Currently, public education is defined/financed/played-out/victimized via 500+ policies per district. If all i’s are dotted and all t’s crossed, according to those policies, the government/powers that be – grant you funding. (That comes from public taxes.) If all i’s are not dotted and all t’s are not crossed, (a ginormous) part of potential funding/resources are … Continue reading

Toilet Paper and (Instructional) Tolerance

This post was co-authored by @BeckyFisher73 and @ELeclere01.  So, which do you prefer – over or under?  Just how did that preference come about?  Is it really a personal preference or is it something you learned to prefer because of a significant other?  What do you do when you enter into a bathroom where the … Continue reading

To Give Students an Education, Give Them a Voice (Guest Post by Daniel Kao)

The role of a teacher is evolving. As industries, technologies, and the needs in the world change, so does our approach to preparing the next generation for their lives ahead of them. In the past, teachers presented information in an organized and systematic manner in order to distribute valuable information to students. Schools were the … Continue reading

A Thin Line Between Silence and Voice

A few days ago, David Loitz, Imagining Learning’s Seed Steward, posted a rough cut of a new film he is making about the Voices of the young people (and some of the adults) who have been involved in Listening Sessions.  In watching it, in listening to those familiar faces and voices that I met just … Continue reading

Jeff Bliss Wasn’t Arguing Against Teachers

Or at least it seems that way. The truth is that I don’t know what Bliss believes. I don’t know the whole context and I don’t pretend to know. Which is pretty much the point of this post. I’ve seen people watch this and use it to say, “We need to get rid of all … Continue reading

Positive Spaces for Engaging Young People’s Voice.

Today a video of student Jeff Bliss, a sophomore at Duncanville High School in Texas, went viral fast. In the video below we are privy to Bliss passionately speaking his truth. He knows that learning is more than packets to fill out, more than passively fulfilling simple and mindless tasks. You want kids to come … Continue reading

My Global Life, Our Global Living

In four short months, I learned more than I had in the rest of my educational career.  And it wasn’t that the rest of my education wasn’t valuable, but that those 4 months were able to open doors to me that fundamentally changed who I was as a person. In 2008, I flew to Thailand … Continue reading

It’s a d*am shame. (Just a rant about STPP and whatnot)

The United States will criminalize itself off a cliff at the pace it is working to institutionalize this nation’s youth. It makes no sense that over 10 million youth are rotting away in this nation’s jails and prisons when half of them do petty crimes that can be addressed with conflict mediation or restorative justice. … Continue reading

Not Reformation…Not Transformation, but Restoration

I just posted this over at the Canadian Education Association blogspace! I have a bucket list, but it’s not the one derived from the movie of the same name. No, my bucket list is a compilation of all the household chores that I’m unable to complete in a cursory manner. The things on my bucket … Continue reading

A Letter to High School Seniors: Don’t Accept College Rejections

I wanted to share a recent essay I wrote for, an online community for people passionate about creating a better world. Here’s an excerpt from “A Letter to High School Seniors: Don’t Accept College Rejections”: Dear High School Seniors, Over the past few weeks, many of you have received letters from the colleges to … Continue reading

Bridges and Ignoring Old Lessons

Tinkering… makerspaces… engineering… design thinking… learning spaces… robotics… coding… These are all things that are big in my county right now… along with a HUGE push to use technology (all kinds of technologies, in all kinds of ways) and social media tools to connect kids and teachers to the world. Sounds incredibly progressive, right? Our … Continue reading

The Alternatives to Compulsory Education

I’ve been meeting with people over the past two years trying to find ways to connect and expand our different points of view about learning without compulsory institutions. Kirsten Olson, one of the founders of Cooperative Catalyst, was one of the people I reached out to, which is how I became part of this group. … Continue reading

Introducing IncitED: The Crowdfunding Community for Education

IncitED is the crowdfunding community for education where teachers and education supporters can fund, share, and replicate important education initiatives worldwide. Visit IncitED at Like us on Facebook to get regular updates about how we’re supporting the work of educators: During the last week of April, we’ll be launching two exciting campaigns: Open … Continue reading

The Fault/Power Paradox of Traditional Schooling

The student/teacher relationship where the teacher’s job is to maintain control and the student’s job is to submit to control is a pervasive characteristic of the traditional school paradigm, and I’d bet all of us have experienced it. Sometimes the exchange is subtle and involves the student feeling at fault for an unfair situation. One … Continue reading

Letters to Michelle Obama (Guest Post by Christopher Chase)

If you’re a teacher, student or parent with children in American public schools then you probably have some first hand knowledge of the problems that have been caused by well-meaning but inflexible “No child left behind” policies and the new emphasis on “one-size-fits-all” common core standards. It’s not that all aspects of these initiatives are … Continue reading

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