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The Mixed Messages of School

Originally posted on the Edunautics blog. School to students— “Here’s the problem. Here’s how you solve it. Don’t fail. Do it, or else.” And now that you are done with school— “Please identify problems, Figure out how to solve them, Learn from your failures. Oh, and BTW, use influence—not power—to get people to do things. … Continue reading

Teach for America: A Terrific Model for Expansion!

Since Teach for America has been so successful at solving the problems of education in our country, I’m proposing we take their model and apply it to other failing systems and issues at hand. If the biggest problem in education is a lack of quality teachers, and we can provide those teachers and thus solve … Continue reading

Chad Sansing comes clean about positive test scores

Interviewer: Did you ever use worksheets to enhance your students’ test performance? Chad Sansing: Yes. I: Was one of those worksheets a word search? CS: Yes. I: Did you ever teach to the test or use released items to enhance your students’ test performance? CS: Yes. I: Did you ever use any other paperwork, such … Continue reading

Meducation: how did we land here?

 |Kelly Tenkely|  Originally published on I recently saw this bit on the Colbert Report…it would be funnier if it weren’t accurately reporting something that is actually happening.  It is unbelievable to me that we, as a society, choose to medicate (meducate) instead of challenging the system and fixing the problem. As educators, it is up … Continue reading

Have you been pilloried lately?

In case the public display of teachers’ “performance” in New York slipped you by, here is a great picture of it:


They just need to run faster, and they’ll get to the top…

Teacher, Test Thyself

A simple multiple-choice question. Only one answer is right. You must consider yourself a failed teacher if you do not answer correctly. You will be penalized for guessing. Which of the following is the correct view of education in the U.S.A.? A: B: C: Both the above. D: One of the above. E: None of … Continue reading

But I am Pagliacci

A politician walks into a bar and says, “These kids just aren’t learning.” So the bartender says, “What are you gonna do?” And the politician says, “Send them somewhere else.” And the bartender says, “Like Finland?” But the politician says, “Nah – that would never work.”

Stop Teaching Kids About Germs (Satire)

The other day, I visited my son’s school and noticed a poster reminding kids to cover their mouth when they sneezed and wash their hands after using the restroom. I looked for the applicable Bible verses offering an opposing viewpoint on germs, but instead I saw other hygiene propaganda without once making a reference to … Continue reading

Education in the 20th Century: A Reflection

Last week, a friend of mine came across a film in the archives called “Stand And Deliver.” This film from 1988 was curious: the schooling system found in the film is radically different from our own system, but as we watched the film, we got the impression that the teacher who was leading change in … Continue reading

LA Teacher Librarian Witch-hunt

After reading about the witch-hunt occurring that happened (or is still happening?) in LA, I decided I should write something about it. A friend of mine mimicked the voice of McCarthy asking if someone was a communist, and I decided to run with the theme. Enjoy. McCarthy: Welcome today to this round of hearings. We … Continue reading

A Standardized Testing Fairytale

One upon a time there were some men who wanted to change the world. The problem was that these men did not feel powerful enough, and needed more power over the people around them. There was one group which kept challenging these men, “those darn liberals.” “We need to cut taxes!” They screamed as loud … Continue reading

Chad Sansing Educational Advocacy Quotes™

Be the first to purchase a Chad Sansing Educational Advocacy Quote™! Quotes, pricing, and package options listed below. Synergize your educational advocacy with sincerity, the Chad Sansing Way™. By purchasing any quote, you acquire the license to use the quote in perpetuity as if you wrote it. You also receive access to 24-7 technical support … Continue reading

My Toddler Is Failing Driver’s Education

Yes, this is over-the-top satire: Armed with the DVD’s, flash cards and workbooks from Your Baby Can Drive, I begin the daily lessons.  Brenna fails at first, placing the laminated cards in her mouth and saying “vroom, vroom” with the model cars.  I scold her for not listening and tell her that her next “step” … Continue reading

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