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Student Slams Ex-CNN Anchor, Union President, and Students First

This piece was originally published on Are you a supporter of sexual predators? We can all agree that that is a ridiculous question to ask, yet, former journalist Campbell Brown did just that in her Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled, “Teachers Unions Go to Bat for Sexual Predators.” It gets worse. A Twitter … Continue reading

Invest in Teachers – The Art of Teaching

Let us redefine the word “Teacher”. Teaching is not a job; it is an art. An art hidden behind a load of responsibilities. It lays the foundation of discovering mysteries, solving problems, and training our minds to question, explore, and investigate. To a world where knowledge is a treasure, teaching is a mirror that reflects … Continue reading

Are we leaving LGBTQ and Pansexual students behind?

Youth deserve the right to be educated, to educate, to be empowered, and to empower, regardless of their sexual, racial, religious, or ethnical identities. They furthermore deserve the right to feel safe and protected in an environment that lets them be themselves without any fear of intimidation or unchecked ignorance. While the US has come … Continue reading


Students are banding together to enhance their voice in policy discussions nationwide. Students everywhere are eager to join the conversation, especially regarding the future of their education system. Now is the time for our voice – the Student Voice – to be heard. That’s the theory behind the new site and blog project A place … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Poverty and Educational Opportunities (Guest Post by Alejandrina Franco)

“The only way out of poverty is through a great education.” This is what my parents told me throughout my life. My mother only went to school as far as 6th grade. My father went as far as 8th grade. Both had to stop going to school in order to help their families. Like most … Continue reading

Time to Speak

“We are all here for a reason on a particular path; you don’t need a curriculum to know you are apart of the math”- J.Ivy System: a scheme of ideas or principles by which something is organized, a method or set of procedures for achieving something. Abandon: to leave somebody or something for others to … Continue reading

The Importance of Student Voice : a response to Diane Ravitch

“Student voice is now being invited to evaluate teachers, but I think that’s very bad idea. One more way to intimidate educators. ‪#soschat” @DianeRavitch (5:57 PM – 19 Jun 12) In public education voice is something that is tolerated with a sense of intolerance…meaning it is something that is lauded only for preaching the common … Continue reading

A Public School Teacher and Student Discuss Democratic Education

This is a dialogue between Leigh Pourciau, an educator at a public middle school and blogger at, and Anna Baker, a rising senior in a public high school. Both live in the Jackson, Mississippi, metro area. Anna’s sister, Stacy, is a teacher; Anna has considered becoming one, too, but is deterred by the current system.  It … Continue reading

Occupy Education: Student Protests Of 2012 (Guest Post by Stephanie Rivera)

“When students awaken, the national conversation will change.”- Diane Ravitch, “When Students Awaken“ After a week of googling, and searching around Facebook, I think I’ve finally got most them. I have found that over 150 student protests have been held in the United States thus far in 2012. For some reason, I thought this would take … Continue reading

No Tests for Kids as Argued by a 4th Grader, PickyKidPix (daughter of Pragmatic Mom)

4th grader, PickyKidPix, argues that tests are a waste of time for students and teachers. Her teacher asks to remain anonymous and said that PickyKidPix was not holding back. We credit PickyKidPix’s huge improvement in writing to her 4th grade teacher. As you can see, her teacher as taught her well how to express and support her argument. Continue reading

Creating a National Collective Voice of Young People

“School is constantly causing us to forget who we are in the first place. I’m not dropping out, I’m choosing to leave. I’m choosing to not follow their plan. Yes, it works for a lot of people, but most of them are only in school because they’ve all become too oblivious to themselves and too … Continue reading

a quiet revolution …unfolds

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Bring on the Learning Revolution

(Cross-posted from Life’s about the Journey) In Sir Ken Robinson’s second most notable TED talk, Bring on the Learning Revolution, he talks of a 2nd climate crisis. One as severe as the one coupled with global warming, but not a crisis of environmental resources. Rather, a crisis of human resources. He says that we poorly use … Continue reading

Educating and being educated.

We are approaching the horizon of a national crisis that is being ignored, blanketed in dissolution of hopes that it will be one of those “work itself out” issues like we hoped with the 2000’s financial meltdown. Our feelings about this crisis are the same as they were in that crisis because the same lack … Continue reading

Homework: Help or Hassle?

(cross-posted from Huffington Post Teen) Homework. It’s hard to find one student who hasn’t complained about it, and almost impossible to find one who’s never done it. Lately, many students I’ve talked with about education have been talking about homework, more than just your average complaint. A lot of this deeper conversation about homework was fueled … Continue reading

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