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Learning Revolution, Are You Ready?

Originally posted at Line Dalile’s Website: Broken pencils and bitten rubbers scattered on my wooden desk while books sat quietly in my bag. The sound of flipping pages, falling rulers and sharpening pencils never seemed to abandon my ear. It’s another school day where the first row students actually paid attention and wrote down … Continue reading

An Eighth Grader’s Letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

I wanted to share a recent post I wrote for, an online community for people passionate about creating a better world. Here’s an excerpt from “An Eighth-Grader’s Letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook”: This past week, I taught a humane education course to an eighth grade class in Blue Hill, Maine. The course focused … Continue reading

We Are the Present: Why Youth Voices are Necessary

In many of the educational and teacher training programs I have been a part of, I’ve been frustrated by the intense focus given to preparing students for their academic futures (meaning standardized testing and ultimately college) while virtually none has been placed on creativity, question asking and critical thought. Indeed, if I were to take … Continue reading

Not Ready to Listen? (Guest Post by Adora Svitak)

Originally posted at Adora’s Blog  “The customer knows best.” It’s an adage seemingly old as time (for us young’uns, anyway). While it’s not always the case (as anyone who has worked an intense over-the-phone customer service job before may know), it’s certainly always valuable for businesses to listen to what clients are saying–whether surveys, market … Continue reading

Hey Mr.Knowitall, 2 Weeks Detention…For Talking Seriously About Education

Inclusion within discussion…it’s the one dynamic every serious discussion needs in order to come to a serious conclusion. When discussions lack that dynamic they are often poor in concluding theory and therefore often miss the point of what’s trying to be achieved. It’s not because the people who leading the discussions are incapable of reaching … Continue reading

You Have the “Right” to Remain Stupid: What America & Wall St. Really Wants for Children

We educate our youth with the intention of eradicating ignorance, hate, selfishness, greed and bigotry through empowering youth to challenge societal obstacles, enabling visionaries to envision and imaginers to imagine, and to give children a chance to free themselves from the societal constraints in which they find themselves soldered to. Without education none of this … Continue reading

Something That Needs to Happen (Part 2) : Commencing Operation Drain the Pipeline

Education is the gateway to freedom, prosperity, self determination, happiness and productivity; it’s the driving force behind almost every economy in the world and it’s directly related to the health of a society. When a child is denied an equitable and effective education than he or she is denied a right, a right to be … Continue reading

Making It Real…and Making a Difference!

Why did any of us go into education? I would suspect that for many of us it was all about making a difference in the world…the thought of making learning irresistible to kids and having the opportunity to change a life through inciting a love of learning certainly enticed me to the field. I’m in … Continue reading

Revolution Tools

Got this on Twitter this morning–Revolution Tools–and chuckled at the image…but then acknowledged in my mind how Twitter has indeed revolutionized my professional sharing and growing, and I began thinking of the revolution tools I now use in my classroom. My learning space has changed dramatically since last year. I still have tables and chairs, … Continue reading

Something That Needs to Happen: Closing the Pipeline-Pt 1

(Photo from the Youth Justice Coalition) In America, education is supposed to provide children with endless possibilities and the chance to enter into the profession or trade they love. From day one children are told that if they do their part, if they show up, sit down, shut up, and listen that they will be … Continue reading

An Virtual Schoolers Response to: Profits and Questions at Online Charter Schools

After reading the New York Times piece about virtual schools, specifically K12 and Connections- Pearson, some horrible truths and some equally horrible lies have been absorbed into my mind. The author of this piece tries to essentially put K12 and Connections- Pearson on the stage as these big for profit corporations that directly influence the … Continue reading

Horrid Truths and Beautiful Lies: American Dis-Education

The American education system has become complacent with its failures, its atrocities, and its inadequacies. It’s become complacent with the system of hindrance and destruction that murders the potential that so many children who are hungry for equitable education posses. These atrocities and failures of gross amplitude are so habitually seen as acceptable and are … Continue reading

Love, Logarithms & Learning at its Best

For my first post (yay!), I’ve decided to share a project I recently completed with my students that started out small, but grew into something big that, in my opinion, truly showcased “learning at its best”. Many of my colleagues and friends know about or have seen a math rap video I produced with my … Continue reading

Let’s play: “Stand on the Line”

While progressing through my MA studies, I met with a young woman (I do not denigrate her youth, for she is only one decade younger than I am, but her outlook and attitude certainly were “youthful”) whose open expression of her life experiences affected me quite deeply. She was born and raised in Utah; her … Continue reading

The Definition of Education

Receiving education in America once meant a chance to escape the ramifications of a limited knowledge. It once provided children a chance to better themselves and move beyond the implications of imprudence that could be forced upon their impressionable minds through those who essentially are in the same position as they are. It’s through education … Continue reading

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