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Try Something New

Here’s my advice for how teachers can play a more active role in education reformation-try something new. This may be something new in your classroom such as Paula White details. Or it may be a new school as Chad Sansing writes about. If you follow Aaron Eyler’s advice then your action might be not following … Continue reading

Relax on the Collaboration

The scope of this question is particularly bothersome to me. I like the way that Paula has discussed the inside-out phenomenon that many believe in where we all take care of the kids in our classroom and that creates a panacea for bad teaching in other rooms. I especially like this comment: It is time … Continue reading

The Hard Path, Part 1

Earlier this week, Paula asked a great series of questions about our readiness to engage in democratic learning with our students. These stuck with me: Do students get any practice in their world of school to be socially responsible? To be activists? To act on their beliefs? I ask these questions about teachers, too. Increasingly, … Continue reading

Start Doing The Minimum…And The Maximum

I’m a big fan of doing the minimum…and the maximum. The key is understanding at which point doing “the minimum” is better than doing “the maximum” and when doing “the maximum” is absolutely necessary. Here are two examples: Do the minimum when you write your lesson plans. I’m not saying don’t plan, and I am … Continue reading

Democracy Starts From The Bottom Up

The population that makes up the structure we call “school” can be placed on a continuum to show the way in which each individual is contributing to the development (or hindrance) of democracy. Point blank: each individual needs to be knowledgeable of the fact that he or she can push schools further towards a democratic … Continue reading

Compulsory Standards for a Participatory Framework?

When developing Common Content or Core Standards the first step is understanding that, more often than not, they get in the way of promoting democratic school structures. There is nothing more “undemocratic” than mandating specific knowledge for every individual to know and eliminating all possible choice when it comes to scope and sequence. There is … Continue reading

Educated Decisions: The Role of Education in a Democracy

The problem with answering this question is that most people have a limited scope and understanding as to the role and purpose of education in general never mind when we start to discuss its importance in a democracy. It’s the juxtaposition of articulating a clear role of education in a democracy as well as the … Continue reading

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