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First Year Reflection from an occasional participant

For me this is unusual – this is a piece I am writing only for this site. Normally when I post it is a cross-posting of something on education written originally for another site, perhaps Daily Kos. I probably spend too much time online already. And I write on topics other than education on a … Continue reading

First Year Reflection: Kirsten

I’ve loved the Co-op since I first started commenting and posting there in February 2010.  The original gang of four were discussing Wounded By School and I was so intrigued by the level of candor and openness, and the honest, respectful, grounded-in-practice kind of talk that was going on there that I decided to get in … Continue reading

First Year Reflection: Beacon of Hope

A year ago I was finishing my graduate program, teaching an elementary school class, and enjoying stimulating conversations with Aaron Eyler on his blog while expanding my professional learning network. One day Aaron asked if I was available to Skype to discuss a new project he and Chad Sansing were thinking about hatching. He wasn’t … Continue reading

First Year Reflection: A Year in the Life. . .

Over a year ago, I saw Chad Sansing, a colleague in my school system, tweet something like “my blogging goal is to be as prolific as @Aaron_Eyler.” Not knowing Aaron then, I found him and started following him…and good gosh, I thought–why would anyone want to be as prolific as he was? He blogged every … Continue reading

First Year Reflection: Who the hell am I and what am I doing here?

Somehow, it’s been over a year since we began the Coöp between a few tweets, a Skype call or two, and our first posts. In assessing our growth – and how the Coöp has impacted me personally – I wanted to share this #CoöpReflect post and to invite you to share your own Coöp story. … Continue reading

First Year Reflections

Just over a year ago the Coöp got its start when Aaron, Adam, Chad, and Paula started a collaborative blog to write together weekly about issues and opportunities for change in public education. This coming week, the founders will share their memories of how the Coöp began, as well as their hopes for where our … Continue reading

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