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I am a Cultural Tourist. Are you the Tour Guides?

I am sitting at my computer attempting to articulate profound thoughts and the TV show my wife is watching intrudes. The show is about Kevin Costner’s making of the film Dances with Wolves. Those interviewed claim “authenticity” (as defined by those telling the story) was an underlying concern of all who were involved in the … Continue reading

Education as Colonization and Commodification Processes

You and I may use the same language and media for communicating and yet still not understand one another. This concept was driven home last year when I reconnected with a gentleman I graduated from law school with twenty years earlier. Why I contacted him is not as important as my letting you know that … Continue reading

Have you ever stopped playing?

Cross-posting from my personal blog as I believe this is relevant to this group and the readers of this blog too. I am looking forward to your feedback! It felt like a very long day today — a failure on one of the servers at work almost led to loosing all our customer data! The … Continue reading

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