Democratizing composition

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#dlday 2013: a year into democratizing composition

For me, digital learning day (#dlday) offers the opportunity to assess myself against my students’ unique and idiosyncratic potentials. Given the scope of learning available to us – digitally, materially, in between, and back and forth – am I really helping all of my kids find themselves in their learning? Am I scaffolding authentic work? … Continue reading

On “building readiness” to see learning

My travel in November derailed some of our work to make a skateboard wheel RPM counter; while that project is idling, some of its participants have gotten deeper into using our MaKey MaKey boards for other projects. I’ve posted about one of those projects on Democratizing Composition (#demcomp), a kind of companion blog to the … Continue reading

Democratizing composition: bringing together thoughts, people & resources

I’m increasingly concerned with democratizing composition, a pedagogy built on these beliefs: Writing is one form of composition or making, tantamount to the rest. All modes of composition are valid and valuable methods of expression. All modes of composition benefit from design thinking, rapid prototyping (a.k.a. repeated failure), iteration, and user feedback. The monopoly of … Continue reading

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