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Homework: Help or Hassle?

(cross-posted from Huffington Post Teen) Homework. It’s hard to find one student who hasn’t complained about it, and almost impossible to find one who’s never done it. Lately, many students I’ve talked with about education have been talking about homework, more than just your average complaint. A lot of this deeper conversation about homework was fueled … Continue reading

Let’s Admit It – Education is Not the Most Important Thing in Life

Aah Christmas break, or winter break, as we call it in my district so as not to offend anyone with our secularism.  The students eagerly awaiting when I would drop the bomb; the homework bomb.  How much would I require to make them do during their break, what projects would they have to cram in … Continue reading

No Friction Homework

When my children were about 11, 9, and 7 (I have twins so that’s four kids), the kids would arrive home after school, bus exhaust announcing their appearance.  They’d walk up the driveway wearily, their shoulders weighed down by backpacks filled with textbooks, notebooks and most especially, reams and reams of worksheets of homework.  Sometimes, … Continue reading

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