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Standards-Based Education for Freedom

Originally posted at Yes, education should have standards, and yes, those standards should be tested with corporations in mind. The STANDARD should be that all learners are equipped with the critical skills to participate in an open society; that is, learners should be literate, connected, and aware. The test will be if power shifts, … Continue reading

The curriculum treadmill

I can still smell the high school weight room. I remember the day I tore my shorts (but not my boxers, thank goodness) squatting 455 pounds. Not a lot you can do in that situation, even if the captains of the girls’ soccer team are at the quad machine behind you. My strength coach (a … Continue reading

The illusion of standardization

The beginning of wisdom is a definition of terms. -Socrates When “collaboration” is really code for standardization, professional development becomes nothing more than control over actions. Just like how mandated sentences strips judgement from judges, so too does standardization deny teachers the ability to teach. Maja Wilson puts it this way: Mandating practices in the effort … Continue reading

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