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I am Nothing Special – Why Are Teachers Afraid to Share Their Successes?

I posted this Saturday on my blog and was astounded by the level of dialogue it created.  Therefore it is time to open it up to the Coop. Even in the staunchest of schools, teachers celebrate their students.  Whether it is through formal rewards, which I am not a fan of, or informal recognition, which is more … Continue reading

A Definition of Success

As the school year ends and we ponder whether we have been the best teachers we possible could be by looking at test results, I wonder, what are we missing?  Are these results the only marker of whether a child has been successful this year?  Are tests, homework grades, attendance and all the other quantifiables … Continue reading

Dexter Chapin’s Master Teachers

I recently read Dexter Chapin’s excellent book, Master Teachers: Making a Difference on the Edge of Chaos and underlined more passages than I had in any book in years. For my blog today, I wanted to share some of them. “Nothing the federal government, the state government, or the school district does will improve education … Continue reading

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