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The Hard Path, Part 3

This quote from Kirsten’s post about causing trouble sticks with me. The most important people in the school building are students. Their needs, their concerns, their desires, their lives should be what drives the institution. It should be student biorhythms that determine school schedules, their intellectual profiles that create its learning climates and activities, their … Continue reading

The Hard Path, Part 2

Adam says, “no matter where you are you are a part of a system.” Forget hierarchy. Forget leading and following. Forget the prevalent notion of executive control over school systems, kids, and “learning.” You are not in control of your classroom; you have not lost control of your classroom. You are a part of what … Continue reading

The Hard Path, Part 1

Earlier this week, Paula asked a great series of questions about our readiness to engage in democratic learning with our students. These stuck with me: Do students get any practice in their world of school to be socially responsible? To be activists? To act on their beliefs? I ask these questions about teachers, too. Increasingly, … Continue reading


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