Paul Oh

I'm an educator, writer, sometime runner and soon-to-be dad. I work for the National Writing Project and get a chance to design, play, create and learn with other adults and, when I'm lucky, with kids.
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Work and Play, Play and Work

“Play is the child’s work” is a line made famous by the early childhood educator, Maria Montessori. I interpret that to mean many things. But perhaps most importantly I believe it to mean that through play, children – and I would say youth and adults, too – make meaning of their world. This idea is … Continue reading

21st century social justice

This is a repost from my personal blog. I’ve heard the terms, and so have you: “21st century teaching” “21st century learning” “21st century workforce” “21st century skills” What hasn’t been labeled “21st century” these days? As so many have already pointed out, we’re more than one decade in. So the adjective, as a representation … Continue reading

An Idea

But NWP is also an idea. An idea, sometimes succinctly put as “Teachers teaching teachers.” It’s the idea that educators have knowledge and expertise, that they are continually building that knowledge and expertise, and that their voices should and do count. Continue reading

Writing is Thinking

As William Zinsser famously said, “Writing is thinking on paper.” I would amend that to say, “Writing at its most authentic is thinking on paper … and through video … and via audio … and through gaming … and on social media … and … and … and …” I’ve strengthened this belief over the … Continue reading

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