A 27 year old Master of Arts in Education Degree holder from the progressive, liberal arts school, Goddard College. I am interested in Holistic, Community, Progressive, Democratic and Student-Centered Education. I am currently a part-time employee with the Boy Scouts of America. I am writing my first book on holistic education and looking for full time employment in education, throughout the United States and Canada. I am interested in all things education and hope to make trans-formative changes to the educational system(s) in America and in the process help to improve the lives of the individuals in whom it serves.
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Spaces of Peace

Spaces of Peace        There are no words that can accurately describe or encapsulate the senseless crimes that took place on December 14th in Connecticut.  Any expose on gun control or childhood safety in which I would write, would only be white noise, overwhelmingly drowned out by the heartbreaking which is currently echoing … Continue reading

Still waiting…

Still Waiting…      I am still waiting for that large, sweeping legislation in the house, senate, and presidency in regards to progressive education.  It is ironic that I will post something on Facebook in regards to education and get “likes” both from my most conservative and liberal friends.  Education is something that internally, I … Continue reading

Death and the Educational World

Death and the Educational World:      This afternoon I attended a funeral.  This is not an event that I look forward too, nor do I believe many people do.  Usually funerals are important for two critical reasons, the first being the emotional closure to losing a loved one, and the second, as a time … Continue reading

My Educational Pathway Over The Past Six Years

Hi Cooperative Catalyst:  Over the Past Six Years, I’ve been transforming as an educator.  Here is my visual Educational Journey/Pathway over the past six years and how I have changed during that time.  The oldest “label” is the top one, and has been molded and sculpted as you move down the list.  I just wanted … Continue reading

The Conditionals of Money

I have finally come to a very simple, poignant and strong belief.  Money is the be-all in education.  This is not something that I am proud or happy to admit.  In fact, this conclusion brings on me great depression, despair and a little bit of loss of my own humanity.  Unfortunately, just like the rest … Continue reading

The Train is Changing…Better get on Board!!

Want a reality check? Take a look at what is happening with the Arab Spring this past year, or the insane pace of the explosion of support for Occupy Wall Street. Or, how about the rise and fall of Politicians, sporting athletes, or any particular musicians fleeting popularity. What we are currently in the midst … Continue reading

Why questioning has become necessary, and how this will transform education

Why questioning has become necessary, and how this will transform education Over the past several decades…within the education sector, and American society as a whole, the question of why, (the critical, analyzing, specifically engaging question) of “why,” has not only diminished but has basically vanished, not only from conversation but from everyday action in citizens … Continue reading

Why being in on the joke, that is the Media’s portrayal of Education, should make you Squirm

Have you ever been in a large room, where someone is trying to make a joke, possibly at a wedding or lecture, and it falls completely flat? Where silence, all of a sudden takes over the entire environment, and inside yourself, you feel a little bit sick. Usually this feeling is based on sadness, not … Continue reading

Constant Immersion and Emergence

Constant Immersion and Emergence     I hate the word reform.  Well, let me put in another way, I hate how language, like the words reform, rigorous, and higher standards, has been hijacked by a standard imagery of the never-ending critique of traditional education, without actual changes to the core, instead, choosing to emphasize changes … Continue reading

The Kingdom from Within…

The Kingdom of God from Within….    It is interesting how we are pre-supposed to think about certain things as defined in a specific way.  I’ve grown up in a church where it was preached to me that The Kingdom of God will be an establishment in Jerusalem at the return of Christ, during the … Continue reading

The Spirituality of Learning

The Spirituality of Learning   To Begin with…   “A basic premise of holistic education is the belief that our lives have a meaning and purpose greater than the mechanistic laws described by science and greater than the ‘consensus consciousness’ of any one culture. This transcendent purpose is a creative, self-guiding energy which we ought … Continue reading

Collectively-Bargaining Learning

  A recent conversation regarding education ended with a charter school teacher saying to me, “I will join the union, once the union uniformly protests all standardized tests.”  I stood there, nodding my head in agreement, while also feeling timid in my heart. I did so, in knowing, that the idea of public education (the … Continue reading

The Case FOR Higher Education

The Case for Higher Education     Recently, it was suggested to me, that higher education was merely another sect in the continual harming and diluted system of the public and private sector, that is pervasive throughout the United States.  My first reaction was to firmly suggest that the gentleman was inaccurate and ignorant regarding higher … Continue reading

The Simplicity of Life and the Complexity of Learning

The Simplicity of Life and the Complexity of Learning       In about two weeks, my time at Goddard College will officially be over, with a thesis presentation, graduation ceremony, and hopefully one last wonderful night of celebration, with those whose educational passions are similar to mine.   And as that moment approached, I am reminded with … Continue reading

Environments for Conversation – Hope for 2011

Environments for Conversation:      As we emerge from the dust of the year that was 2010 and head into the hope that is 2011, let us take a moment to consider the root of learning, of education, and the purpose of its existence in society.  In my imagination, my creative spaces, my own personal world, … Continue reading

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