Works at a small charter school with the mission of "Educating children for a hopeful, sustainable future."
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I Love My School (Guest Post by Student Veronica Pollock)

There aren’t many charter schools out there that are earth friendly and where students learn about the environment as part of their education. Ridge and Valley Charter School (RVCS) offers this. The students at RVCS love the environment. We take community action. We have fundraisers running all the time, such as for animal shelters, food … Continue reading

An Alternative to Cultural Expectations of Teenagers

We have been experiencing an interesting phenomenon these past two weeks. Some of my students that graduated last year attend a local technical high school. The school had a fire in the chemistry lab and suffered fire and water damage causing the school to be closed. Thinking back to my youth, these unexpected days off … Continue reading

What students value

Our school entered a contest for the NJ Charter Schools Association called “We Love Our School”. As part of our school’s entry in the contest, we had to create a very short video. My students created and edited this video all on their own. Even the aerial shot of the school was taken by a … Continue reading

Graduation Reflections

Imagine it is graduation day for your 8th grade students. After a 10 minute hike carrying their caps and gowns on hangers, they are gathered with you and another guide in a tarp enclosed canopy near a stream and the entrance to a trail in the woods. They are sitting in a circle having a … Continue reading

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