Jennifer Little is a fulltime drama teacher in New Jersey. She spent over fifteen years as a professional actress, performing on Broadway with such luminaries as Harold Prince and in film (with Ron Howard and Penny Marshall) and television. More recently, she turned to working with at-risk students, doing Literacy through the Arts, Guest Artist programs and creating arts programs for inner city schools. In 2005, she began teaching fulltime, working on bringing applied theatre to standard curriculum programs within public schools in the U.S. and integrating Social Studies and English into the Arts. She has created a critically acclaimed program that focuses on theatre's role in society and actors' responsibility to the world and recently published a book, "Changing The Way We Think," available on
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Finding Our Footing After Superstorm Sandy

  Last Monday I decided to invest ten or fifteen minutes out of our forty-nine minutes of instruction to reconnect. Sandy changed us all. The students have varying reactions. Some were impacted minimally. They aren’t aware of the outside world beyond what impacts them directly and they only lost internet for twelve hours. Which was … Continue reading

Dichotomy of Co-Intentional Teaching and Our Current Education System

Last week I attended a national conference on theatre education.  It was an illuminating and frustrating experience.  And this fall, I started attending graduate school in applied theatre at CUNY in New York, where I am participating in a wonderfully illuminating course, Group Theatre.  Part of the ongoing dialogue and work in Group Theatre has … Continue reading

Will The Show Go On If Nothing Changes?

I recently read the post about whether being a classroom teacher is how one envisions themselves.  It is a challenging question.  When I was the age of my students, if someone had asked me, “Do you want to be a teacher?” the answer would’ve been an emphatic, “Good God, NO!”  I never wanted to be … Continue reading

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