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re\wire: ni

[rewire: democratic surround meets networked individualism, it’s complicated] The time might be just right to finally indulge in the unthinkable/unbelievable dance.. of ongoing/perpetual/emergent conversation/communication with/in both self and (the entire) community/world. . a vision. In Rewire, Ethan Zuckerman encourages us to be the time for rewiring our potential to connect. To connect ourselves/others.. in voice/family/house/oikos. Perhaps we are experiencing just the right … Continue reading

how to dance

i don’t know how to dance very well. it’s been a dream of mine. to learn to dance. but i’ve had too many inhibitions. about doing it right. some people have tried to help, some have run the other way. most don’t really care (about me dancing), they have their own issues. but what if … Continue reading

missing it

_____________________ So many good people are trying to fix/change/improve the world. Education reform alone is spending quadrillions of dollars/hours/joules. We are busy people. But what if we’re not being careful/watchful/mindful – and we are missing it. What if, by not questioning the very essence of this 100 ish year old tradition/mandate, we currently call school, we are missing us. … Continue reading

your song

In the African tribe there is one other occasion upon which the villagers sing to the child. If at any time during his or her life, the person commits a crime or aberrant social act, the individual is called to the center of the village and the people in the community form a circle around … Continue reading

a people experiment

graphic links to ebook on issuu

literally redefine

Currently, public education is defined/financed/played-out/victimized via 500+ policies per district. If all i’s are dotted and all t’s crossed, according to those policies, the government/powers that be – grant you funding. (That comes from public taxes.) If all i’s are not dotted and all t’s are not crossed, (a ginormous) part of potential funding/resources are … Continue reading

level – equity

after reading – defense of childhood – and such..  perhaps we’re closer than we think.. Hans‘ thinking: [most of the following from ch 6 of Chris Mercogliano‘s In Defense of Childhood – the importance of solitude] 1400’s – renaissance Postman’s reasoning proceeds thus: childhood is a social construct, not a biological given. Childood as a distinct life … Continue reading

krishnamurti – peace

One must look at all these expressions of violence and antagonism with an unprejudiced mind, that is, with a mind that does not identify itself with any country, race or ideology, but tries to find out what is true. There is great joy in seeing a thing clearly without being influenced by the notions and instructions of … Continue reading

a raised eyebrow

a raised eyebrow partial freedom is no freedom. – krishnamurti

abundant options as freedom

if i offer you dinner of your choice a bowl of spinach or a rock and you pick spinach should i really be that excited about the match up of you and spinach..? abundant options as freedom from spinach or rock

equity matters

connected learning research report out today. it’s a question of a failure of will rather than resources, we’ll only have ourselves to blame if we don’t take hold of this opportunity – Mimi Ito  

five elements to help redefine public ed

  Our latest post on, five elements we believe are key to redefining public ed in a community (the chapters of our little book). Click here to read the rest of the post. facilitating curiosities

Our recent post on the be app has gone live on DMLCentral. In it we share our vision of a means to ground the ensuing chaos as we attempt to redefine public ed. Click here to view the post:

a simple plan

[geeking out a bit as i read Strong & Mackey’s book. taking a break and sharing a bit here.] a simple plan change the world for good. in a more timely manner. no 20 year strategic plan. tomorrow even. lofty? ridiculous? yes. things that matter often are. from Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious … Continue reading

but what are they saying?

ed zed omega very cool. just had to share. this is what it’s about no? listening deeply. without an agenda.

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