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Not All Charter Schools are the Same

Are charter schools part of equitable educational choice? Do they and should they have a role in the educational landscape? There is a need for an honest, balanced discussion of charter schools. Charter Schools are tuition-free public schools, started by a variety of stakeholders for a variety of reasons.  Charter schools have come under fire … Continue reading

Our Responsibility

            In the wake of the horrible tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, it may be time to reflect on our responsibilities as a society. No matter our role, we all have an individual and collective responsibility in how we respond to tragedies of this magnitude. Certainly our hearts, thoughts, prayers … Continue reading

Why Transformation May Hit A Snag: Observations From The Field

Whose transformation is the right one? As our nation and the rest of the world are in the midst of or stand on the brink of large-scale societal transformation, there are many opportunities to seize the moment and move towards transformation. In the same way their are opportunities for those with a particular agenda or … Continue reading

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