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Privatized “Public” Schools: A Vessel Fit for Destruction

Learning in a state of denial…denying what is readily apparent to those who sit in silence. The old way is not designed for the 21st century…but the new way is just as destructive as the old way. Its one thing to have changed…change is good. However, change that inspires a pattern of regressive and antagonist … Continue reading

Enough with the Bitching…

Stop bitching. Stop whining. Stop pouting. To be frank, we do too much of the wrong thing while corporate interest continues to do so much of the right thing and all the while, they continue to brainwash youth. While we are all sitting around rallying for justice in the classroom…corporate interest continue to coddle with … Continue reading

It’s a d*am shame. (Just a rant about STPP and whatnot)

The United States will criminalize itself off a cliff at the pace it is working to institutionalize this nation’s youth. It makes no sense that over 10 million youth are rotting away in this nation’s jails and prisons when half of them do petty crimes that can be addressed with conflict mediation or restorative justice. … Continue reading

Victim Shaming, Rapist Celebrating Society: The Lessons Children are Learning

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how rape culture has a strong relation to America’s taxpayer-funded schools. Since, the evidence of rape culture in schools has shown such a strong connection to the existence of rape culture that the truth has become axiomatic. However, that is just the brunt of this issue, … Continue reading

The Diversity Crisis in Taxpayer-Funded Education

With the happenings of “white flight,” unconstitutional school funding systems, the School-to-Prison Pipeline, the consequences of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and anti-grassroots corporatized School Choice…the education community in the nation has arrived at a point of hostility toward diversity. Constantly, diversity within the school has become something that governmental and societal … Continue reading

Using the Power of Litigation to End the Addiction to Testing and to Further Student Voice

Now that educators and parents are on a full revolt against the addiction to testing in the United States when it comes to public education, we have to arrive at a point where we have to consider the possibility of suing the U.S Department of Education and a few SEA’s. The suits would occur on … Continue reading

(TRIGGER WARNING) It’s Time to Have a Conversation About Personal Responsibility, Rape, and Public Schools!

Greene County, Missouri (Republic School District) Memphis, Tennessee (Memphis Public School District) Jackson Township, Ohio (Jackson Local School District) Bibb County, Macon, Georgia (Bibb County Public School District) Gwinett County, Georgia ( Gwinett County Public School District) University Park, Texas ( Highland Park Independent School District) Richmond, California (West Contra Costa Unified School District) Chestnut … Continue reading

Oh no, we don’t talk about that! now shhh….

Over the past few years, public discussion, and outrage over the blatant patterns of ethical and immoral misconduct in our nation’s schools have seemingly went untouched by some of the blogospheres most relevant education bloggers. From teenage girls being forced out of school because of unwed pregnancies, to Gay, Trans, and Lesbian students being openly … Continue reading

No Excuses for Zero Tolerance: Ageism and the Reformist Utopia

Acting as an extension in purview to Zero Tolerance measures, No Excuses is model under the reformist movement that emphasizes academic essentialism and ageist authoritarianism by operating off the general premise that youth in inner city communities have dismal educational systems because they are enthralled in a culture that cultivates “excuses.” Schools who adopt this … Continue reading

Enslaved to the Enslaved by the Enslaving.

Is the school the source of the feeling of perpetual entrapment that the youth claim to feel? Is the number 2 pencil the slave master for the children, the ones doped up on Adderall and Ritalin, and removed from society so that they can tend to the slave masters distant cousin, the standardized assessment? Are … Continue reading

My schools GSA letter to East Aurora School District 131

Ohio Virtual Academy/ Gay-Straight Alliance From: Ohio Virtual Academy High School Gay Straight Alliance 1655 Holland Road Suite F Maumee, Ohio 43537   October 22, 2012   To: East Aurora School District 131 417 Fifth Street Aurora, Illinois 60505 ATTN:  Mary Anne Turza Stella Gonzalez Annette Johnson Richard Leonard Raymund Hall Anita Lewis Ignacio Cervantes … Continue reading

The Prelusion (Second Attempt)

As some of you know I’m working on research and I can’t move forward without a strong introduction. I was given the green light but after additional review I was given a “solid yellow light with a tint of red” so I had to go back and start over. So, here is the second attempt … Continue reading

Dear Black Teenagers of 2012,

Earlier this evening I was browsing through my Facebook and I came across this post a former schoolmate made which I must say… surprised me. The post which said:  “You have no room to judge what is prejudice and what is not”   That line is the line that raises the most cause for concern. The line disregards the … Continue reading

The Prelusion

So, I’ve been awarded a credit for research and I chose to research a alternative way to reform public education instead of the public school. But, I’m required to write a prelusion before I can get the green light to move forward and it’s been beyond difficult to write a prelusion that attempts to separate … Continue reading

The Cleveland Plan Is the Wrong Plan

As a native Clevelander, when I see “The Cleveland Plan” I see a plan built to help a district that has been constantly abandoned, financially embattled, and constantly reimaged without a long term approach to 1) Keeping students in CMSD schools, 2) attracting grassroots choice schools into the city. However, the plan allows for continue … Continue reading

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