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Leadership Should Permeate Everything You Do

Today I got my annual “Happy Holidays” email from my Superintendent.  It never ceases to amaze me how she turns everything into something to make us think. Leadership does permeate everything she does. Here’s the latest from our Coop Catalyst friend and author, Pam Moran (and I post this with her permission.):   Dear Colleagues: … Continue reading

Bridges and Ignoring Old Lessons

Tinkering… makerspaces… engineering… design thinking… learning spaces… robotics… coding… These are all things that are big in my county right now… along with a HUGE push to use technology (all kinds of technologies, in all kinds of ways) and social media tools to connect kids and teachers to the world. Sounds incredibly progressive, right? Our … Continue reading

Why is Storytelling Important?

I’ve recently become a member of the Executive Committee of the ISTE Special Interest Group about Digital Storytelling (#SIGDS on Twitter) and we’re trying to reach out to increase our membership and to “learn, share and celebrate the art of digital storytelling for learning.” We’re beginning Tweetchats this week, Wednesday at 9:00 PM ET, with … Continue reading

Coop Connections and #RECHAT

All of us here can speak to someone else here who has made a difference in our lives, I think. That goes for everyone–readers, writers, thinkers, all….This is a great place to share, to learn to think together and grow as catalysts for each other and others not here. John T Spencer is one of … Continue reading

The Monday After Newtown

I really hate coming to school the first day after a school incident somewhere else.  No one ever knows whether it will be a biggie to our kids or not, so we have to prepare and really think through how to support our kiddos.  I don’t mind that,  in fact, I want to be prepared … Continue reading

Kidwatching From Afar

I’m sitting in the digital sandbox at VSTE, our state conference, thinking about the sessions I’ve seen so far. Most presenters I have watched have made some big assumptions about classes, teachers and learning that are mostly good- not using devices for skill and drill, assuming kids have access to technology and looking at ways … Continue reading

Stories of Impact

I am a teacher. I love teaching and learning with kids, and I have a way of relating to kids that is unique, meaningful and worthwhile. I do things very differently from many other teachers and that sets me apart. (Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes that’s NOT a good thing.) I’ve always been blessed, … Continue reading

My week…so far

This past Monday our county had its yearly “Making Connections” conference.  We began this about 9 or 10 years ago, so that teachers in one school could find out what teachers in another school are doing…so that vanguards could share their trials and others could learn from them (and hopefully save making the same mistakes)…so … Continue reading

Getting Smarter Together

I love working with kids.  Those of you who read my writing, or know me, know this about me. They energize me, make me think, bring me laughter, tears and questions, and they constantly amaze me. I’ve been teaching for a very long time and people often ask me when I am going to retire. … Continue reading

Education: The Past, The Present and The Future #2

You know you’ve read a good post when it makes you have several different thoughts about something important.  While this post begins like another, it has a totally different ending… Recently I read an article from District Administrator magazine entitled, “The Three New Pillars of 21st Century Learning”               … Continue reading

Education: The Past, the Present and the Future

Recently I read an article from District Administrator magazine entitled, “The Three New Pillars of 21st Century Learning”                                                                           … Continue reading

Making Schools about Learning Again

I have to say I was one of those kids for whom “school was okay.” I didn’t hate it, but neither did I love it–and I was, and am, a lifelong learner. I like learning, even when it’s hard–I get great pleasure out of figuring something out, gaining new knowledge that I can then use, … Continue reading

What a Difference 2 Years Makes

In May, 2010, I wrote this post about  being our school’s testing coordinator. How things have changed since then…. Last week, I had a kid ask to take another SOL-like test because, as her homeroom teacher put it, “she is a nervous kid and so anxious to do well.” I’m teaching a 5th grade literacy … Continue reading

Choosing to Leave the Limiting Behind

While exploring the book Walk Out, Walk On, I found myself being caught by certain phrases…words that spoke to my very being because they resonate within me. “…people’s capacity to self-organize is the most powerful change process there is.” Kids constantly tell me my classroom is different from others they are in or have been … Continue reading

When Coming To Work Is Play…

One thing I love about teaching Kindergarten is that the kids are looking to play all the time. I went to school each day in a joyful frame of mind because the kids were so happy and fun to talk with and learn from and teach and share with and watch and see grow. The … Continue reading

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