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#blog4nwp – A win-win learning experience

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Patsy Pipkin.

I am a retired teacher and a University of Mississippi Writing Project TC. And I will forever sing its praises. Writing project teachers help their students and people in their community when they come to them for help with content, coherence, and unity in writing.

Although I am retired, I still use what I learned as a writing project teacher to help my neighbors, former students, and people they send to me.

When a student has a writing project teacher teach him or her, he or she uses the writing process taught in the classroom to help him/herself and others–peers, friends,and family. Therefore, a writing project teacher and his/her stidents are success makers for life which can be be summarized as a “win, win learning experience for all”– both present and future.

Because the National Writing Project is there for teachers, success in writing is reciprocal.


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