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#blog4nwp – Stay tuned; stay energized

The National Writing Project is invaluable. It is certainly worth more than a fraction of a percent of the federal education budget. Regardless of its obvious merit, the NWP has been offered the chance to compete with other earmark literacy programs for a sliver of 1% of the entire federal education budget. That means that … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – An open invitation

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Peter Shaheen. The Department of Education argues that school reform ought to be driven by research. I suppose the experts there are concerned about replicable results that can improve instruction. In fact, research based reform is admirable. However, research driven reform alone is not enough. My purpose here is … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – The fire inside

Tracey Flores contributes this #blog4nwp guest post. Six years ago, during my first year of teaching, I was introduced to the National Writing Project. It happened while I was at the National Association of Bilingual Educators (NABE) Conference in Phoenix. During the conference, I attended a workshop put on by a writing project from the … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Even silence speaks volumes

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Peter Shaheen. Sometimes the messenger is more important than the message. We tend to identify with people who represent our point of view. We root for sports figures and against them based on personal and sometimes ambiguous feelings. Yesterday during the Masters, I openly rooted for Tiger as he … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Be heard before Congress votes

This is a cross post from While President Obam calls for more education spending in the 2012 federal budget, the deal reached last week to fund the rest of the 2010-11 budget cuts more money from the Department of Education. With earmarks eliminated and the Department of Education losing money this year, it’s imperative … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Invaluable lessons

Judy Gray shares her National Writing Project experience with the Coöp as part of #blog4nwp. My name is Judy Gray. I took courses through PSWP beginning in the summer of 2008 at the University of Washington. I was teaching a first grade class at a private school in Federal Way, Washington. My instructors, Janine Brodine … Continue reading

A Student Writes about her NWP-Trained Teacher

Leyanna Savann contributes this #blog4nwp post about her NWP-trained teacher, Mary Cushman. Writing hasn’t always been a strong suit of mine. The thought of having to research, write, cite and turn in a paper with it actually making sense absolutely terrified me. It just wasn’t something I was good at, and I refused to write. … Continue reading

Restore Funding to the NWP

Kathleen Yeager shares this #blog4nwp letter with the Coöp. Dear President Obama, and Members of the U.S. House and Senate, I am writing you today, as a taxpayer and a teacher, to urge you to restore funding to the National Writing Project. What you might not know about the Writing Project is: Writing Projects across … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – The Capacity to Transform Education

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Kristy Singletary. As a former Blackwater Writing Project (Valdosta, Georgia’s chapter of the National Writing Project) fellow and a first-year composition instructor at Valdosta State University, I am active in the education of teachers and students alike. BWP provided me with a tremendously valuable support system of like-minded educators … Continue reading

Save the National Writing Project

This #blog4nwp guest post comes from Jeff Grinvalds. I am a current member of the Board of Directors of the Nebraska Writing Project. I have been thinking about this issue for quite some time now, but the Libyan action spurned me to take action. On one hand I thought, yes, some cuts must be made … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Teachers, take hold of your profession.

Constance Krueger contributes this #blog4nwp post. In 1981 I attended the first Dakota Writing Project Institute in Aberdeen, South Dakota. That month-long immersion in the tenets of the writing project (teachers of writing need to be writers themselves; everything in the classroom must be intentional and research-based; the best teachers of teachers are their fellow … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Committed to lifelong learning and social justice

Margaret Fiore shares her #blog4nwp post with the Coöp. I use everything I’ve learned from participating in the New York City Writing Project and the listserv and collaborating with NYCWP colleagues in my own teaching of college writing courses at The New School, facilitating Parsons MFA Design/Technology and Parsons faculty writing workshops, PD/collaborating with writing-across-curricula … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Hoosier Writing Project Testimonials

These are teacher-consultants from the Hoosier Writing Project, located at IUPUI, with programs in Indianapolis, South Bend, and surrounding counties. One of my students wrote in his semester-end portfolio last year, “Some days I hated this class because we had to think too much.” As a teacher, those were some of the sweetest words I’ve … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – The importance of writing and learning

This #blog4nwp post comes to us from Nancy Reece. I firmly believe in the importance of writing and learning. I am a retired teacher that went through the Louisville Writing Project and had the opportunity to be a director one summer. I also had the honor of being a resource writing teacher through grants in … Continue reading

#blog4nwp – Dear President Obama

Little Rock Writing Project member Sally Crisp shares this letter to President Obama with #blog4nwp. Dear President Obama, You are a writer, and I am writing – with hope and confidence – to ask for your support for writers. Today’s students need to learn to write for school, for college, for work, for life. They … Continue reading

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